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Permits issued for 20 new chicken houses

North Grady County continues to be a popular spot for the construction of chicken houses.
Grady County Code Enforcement Officer Larry Ivy briefed county commissioners Tuesday about another 20 chicken houses to be constructed on a 140-acre tract on County Line Road.
According to Ivy, zoning restrictions in Mitchell County have forced the expansion of the chicken industry into Grady County were restrictions are less stringent.
Ivy said that the county ordinances prohibit chicken houses from being constructed within 1,500 feet of a neighboring residence and a 250-foot setback from the property line.
According to Ivy, the setback from the property line is not waivable, but residents within 1,500 feet of a chicken house can sign a waiver that would permit the chicken house to be constructed.
Ivy said that applicants for chicken house permits are required to have a site plan including a survey that indicates the proposed location of the chicken houses and identifies the required setbacks from residences and property lines.
On Tuesday, Ivy’s office issued permits for the construction of 20 fryer houses on County Line Road to Jason Farms, LLC, of Camilla. The code enforcement officer said concrete pads for eight of the 20 houses is estimated to be completed in approximately three weeks and he reported that a contractor on the job from Camilla had registered and obtained a county business license.
“The other 12 houses will go up shortly after the first eight,” Ivy said.
Ivy projects the cost of each house at $100,000 each.
Earlier this year, Ivy’s office issued 12 permits for new chicken houses to be built at 538 Spence Road with an estimated value of $98,000 each. Those permits were issued to Spence Road Farm, LLC.
According to county records, the permits issued to Spence Road Farm, LLC, include the name of the applicant Vy Dao.
Public records also show that between Dec. 26, 2014, and Jan. 2, 2015, Vy Dao of Moultrie closed on the purchase of property in north Grady County bought from Ash Leaf Farms, LLC, of Meigs at a sales price of $700,000.
Public records also reflect another large property transaction recorded between Dec. 26, 2014, and Jan. 2, 2015. Nghe Van Phan of Hartsfield, Ga., purchased 171.1 acres from Norma L. Moree of Camilla for a sales price of $496,190.
Ivy says that this is the tract where additional chicken houses are expected to be built.
“The first question I get when people call is whether or not Grady County has zoning. Thomas County and Mitchell County have zoning and Mitchell has tightened their regulations up so that these folks can’t put any more chicken houses up there. I guess that is why they are coming here,” Ivy said in January.
Ivy told county commissioners this week that residents across the county line in Mitchell County are upset about the growth in chicken house construction proposed on County Line Road.
“I’ve had some discussions with the county administrator up there. They can’t enforce their zoning ordinance across county lines and all we can do here is enforce our existing ordinances,” Ivy said.

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