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Grady lawmen shut down two alledged meth labs

Grady County sheriff’s deputies were trying to help Thomas County Sheriff’s investigators locate a person of interest here when they allegedly stumbled upon two working meth labs.
Information indicated the woman Thomas County authorities wanted to question was at a mobile home in the 400 block of Hwy. 93.
Around 10:40 a.m. on Thursday, March 19, Lt. Tim Watkins from Thomas County along with Grady County Sheriff’s investigator Lt. Robert Simmons and deputy Sgt. Donald Thomas went to the address.
As they arrived, the officers report they saw a man run into a wooded area behind the residence. Deputy Thomas knocked at the back door and announced he was with the sheriff’s office. After hearing loud movement inside the home, Thomas said loudly, “come to the door.” He reports that the sounds from inside got louder.
From the front of the home, Thomas heard Lt. Watkins yell, “Hey, where you going? Come here.” Thomas walked to the front and saw a man walking to Watkins.
Thomas returned to the back door and heard someone say, “Hey, I was in the shower.” Thomas asked the person to come to the back door, and a man walked outside.
The deputy allegedly asked if the woman Watkins wanted to talk with was inside the residence and the man claimed no knowledge of such a person. When asked if any women were in the house the man said yes and brought one outside to talk with Thomas. The man, identified as Blair Nelson Barrett, then asked to speak with Thomas and allegedly claimed he he had just arrived at the house to collect payment for car work. Thomas says he asked if other people were inside the residence, and Barrett said yes then told the deputy their names. Thomas reports that he recognized the name of one individual as being wanted for probation violation.
Watkins and Simmons went inside the residence and found two women and one man sitting on a bed in a back bedroom. While in the home, the investigators allegedly saw marijuana and detected a strong chemical odor. Simmons says on further investigation of the scene, they found the two labs actively cooking ingredients to make the illegal drug methamphetamine.
Everyone at the home was taken into custody on felony drug charges including possession of meth with intent to distribute, manufacturing meth, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and unlawful possession of ephedrine. Arrested were Brian Kade Gancerez, 20, Cairo; Yalanda Denetra Mills, 32, Cairo; Morgan Elizabeth Ulm, 22, Cairo; Blair Barrett Nelson, 31, Thomasville; David Lee Bentley, 37, Meigs; and Morgan Marie Jarvis, 26, Ochlocknee. Jarvis was also charged with probation violation.
The woman Thomas County authorities wanted to talk with was not at the home.

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