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“American Sniper” proves to be popular at Zebulon too

The popularity of the blockbuster film “American Sniper” has been a boost to Cairo’s historic Zebulon Theater.
The movie is on track to earn $300 million at box offices nationwide in the first four weeks since its release.
The community-owned Zebulon has had record crowds in recent days since the movie came to town last week and that means strong box office sales locally.
The first show at 7:30 p.m. Friday, Jan. 23, sold out with 180 tickets sold and a 10 p.m. screening attracted 22 night owls.
Saturday and Sunday shows also attracted large crowds with two of the shows filling three-fourths of the theater, according to Todd Butler, a member of the board that manages operation of the theater.
Weekend ticket sales topped $3,260, Butler reports and that is at the Zebulon’s $5 per ticket price.
The popularity of the film has not diminished after a strong weekend then 42 tickets being sold for Monday night’s showing.
Butler notes that in addition to the low cost of admission, the Zebulon’s concessions are also a bargain.
“The largest bag of popcorn we offer is $4 and the biggest drink we have is $3, so for $12 you can get your ticket and your drink and popcorn. At most other theaters you spend almost that much on your ticket,” Butler said.
“American Sniper” will likely be shown at the Zebulon for another two weeks. The next feature film will be “Unbroken.”
“Hopefully, American Sniper has brought a lot of people to the movies who might not normally have come to the Zebulon. Once they’ve seen what we have to offer and at an economical cost, hopefully they will keep coming back,” Butler said.
Butler also said that he and other board members are always seeking comments and suggestions as to how the Zebulon can be improved and he encourages citizens to contact him or the other members of the board. Butler said that volunteers are also critical to the theater’s survival, and if anyone is interested in volunteering contact him or any board member.

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