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County bookkeeping still plagued by server issues Tobar reported this week

The year 2014 ended and Grady County still does not have its accounting software operating on a newly installed server which officials say is holding up the process of getting all financial records up to date.
County commissioners learned Tuesday morning that Rumbles had installed the new server, but County Administrator Carlos Tobar says the data migration from the old server to the new one has not happened yet.
The issue is now with the county’s accounting software vendor CSI, according to Tobar. The administrator said that the CSI contact had been on vacation and county officials had not been able to contact him by phone.
The new server has now been installed and operating for three weeks, according to Tobar, but without CSI being loaded on the new server Accounting Manager Connie Blackman is still hampered in completing her work.
The board recently approved up to $10,000 for additional accounting help from the county’s auditors, Carr Riggs & Ingram.
Commissioner T.D. David briefed commissioners this week and said that the personnel from Carr Riggs & Ingram had been here and gathered information to take back to Tifton to work on there.
“It will probably take them another couple of weeks to finish up,” David estimated.
Tobar said the auditor’s staff is working on a trial balance for 2014 and this will give the auditors a head start on the 2014 audit.
Upon learning that the accounting software is still not loaded on the new server David commented, “that’s ridiculous.”
County officials learned late last year that issues with the server had first been brought to light last February. It was not until Oct. 16 that Tobar placed an order for a new server.
The administrator said he spent the better part of a year trying to decide whether to install a single server to service all county offices or put in multiple servers. He also admits he spent a lot of time himself trying to transition county computers from Windows XP to Windows 7 and Windows 8.
Tobar, who previously predicted the county had approximately a million dollars more in the bank at the end of 2014 than it had in 2013, said that the county should have all the bank statements reconciled in the next five business days which would give commissioners the exact amount of the county’s operational reserves.
This is not the first time the administrator has made a prediction as to when the reconcilations would be complete.

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