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Nearly 60 percent of taxes have been collected, Saturday is due date

The deadline to pay ad valorem taxes without interest or penalties is Saturday and as of Tuesday only 57 percent of the total taxes due had been collected, according to Grady County Tax Commissioner Phyllis Gainous.
Through Tuesday, the tax commissioner had collected $7,841,724.74.
Of that total, $3,603,722.54 are school taxes that have been collected and $3,410,031.29 are county taxes. The tax commissioner has also collected $784,709.20 for the city of Cairo and $20,187.26 for the city of Whigham. Of all of the money Commissioner Gainous has collected,$23,074.45 is owed to the state.
“We’ve been really busy and it will continue to be busy through the end of the year. Over the last two weeks we have collected over $4 million, which is really good,” Mrs. Gainous said.
Tax officials say that the majority of taxes will be collected in the final days leading to the due date.
Taxes are due without penalty or interest if paid by Dec. 20, which this year falls on Saturday.
Taxpayers unable to pay by the due date can enter into a contract with Mrs. Gainous to spread their tax payment over time up to March 20, 2015. According to the tax commissioner, several taxpayers have already entered into agreements with her to make partial payments.
Anyone with questions about their taxes should contact the tax commissioner’s office at 229-377-3322.

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