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American Profile feature dropping to bi-monthly

Readers of The Cairo Messenger who have come to enjoy reading the weekly edition of American Profile, which is inserted into in-county editions of the newspaper, will likely be disappointed about some changes that take effect Dec. 14.
Athlon Media Group, publishers of American Profile, are dropping publication of the magazine to twice a month. This means that readers of The Messenger will not have a copy of American Profile in their newspapers each week.
In fact, the last issue of 2014 will appear in the Dec. 17 edition of the newspaper.
Athlon Media Group is also changing the name of its publication to American Profile’s Community Table. The American Profile publishers are promising an enhanced publication featuring more stories and higher quality photography.
The first issue of American Profile’s Community Table will appear in The Messenger on Jan. 7, 2015. For the remainder of 2015, watch for the special feature on the first and third week of the month.
“We regret that Athlon Media has decided to reduce the frequency of its American Profile publication. I know that many of our readers look forward to it being a part of their weekly edition of The Cairo Messenger. Hopefully, this change will result in a better product even if it is distributed less frequently. Please let us know what you think of the new product when it debuts in the Jan. 7 edition, and thanks for your readership and support,” said Messenger Publisher and Editor Randolph H. Wind.
Athlon Media Group also publishes Parade, Relish, and Spry Living. The company is based in Nashville, Tenn.

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