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Watch for tax bills in the mail this week

Grady Countians should be on the lookout for their tax bills.
According to Grady County Tax Commissioner Phyllis Gainous, 14,673 tax bills went out in the mail from a mailing house in Chattanooga, Tenn., Monday.
With a postmark of Oct. 20 the 2014 tax bills will carry a due date of Dec. 20, 2014.
The notices include bills for 88 properties that are currently under appeal.
Those taxpayers will be billed at 85 percent of the total taxes due based on the county’s reevaluated fair market value.
According to Mrs. Gainous, those taxpayers must pay that 85 percent charge by Dec. 20 to avoid penalties and interest.
Appeals must be heard by the Grady County Board of Assessors and a taxpayer may appeal their decision to the Board of Equalization.

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