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Local teen reported missing is found safe

A 14-year-old Grady County girl is back home safe after taking the family car and driving to meet a man she met on the Internet.
The child’s father discovered her disappearance Saturday around 8 a.m. and notified the Grady County Sheriff’s Office, which immediately issued a nationwide lookout.
The child had planned to drive to Atlanta, according to Sgt. Chris Luckey with the Grady County Sheriff’s Office, but apparently began to second-guess her plans.
She had taken her father’s car sometime after 2:30 a.m., Saturday, and driven all the way to Macon where she stopped at a public rest area some time before noon.
Luckily, a woman at the rest stop noticed the young girl. “I think she sensed something was wrong with this child, and she started talking with her,” Luckey said. The child told this woman how to contact her father, and the woman called to let him know where his daughter was and that she was safe. Then, she called 911.
Sgt. Luckey made contact with the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office in Macon, which sent a deputy to the rest area where the woman had remained with the child. The deputy then stayed with the girl until her parents arrived to take her home.
“It was lucky for us and for her to get her back home safely,” Luckey said. He also praised the woman who proved to be such a good Samaritan, “you don’t see that every day.”
An investigation into just who the person was on the Internet who tried to lure the child to Atlanta remains ongoing. Apparently, the child connected with the male, whose age is unknown at this point, via a social video app, keek.
Luckey encouraged all parents to be aware of their child’s Internet activity and app usage.

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