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Take a walk with a a dog doc Oct. 11

The health benefits of walking can’t be overstated, and this applies to your pets as well as their owners, according to a local veterinarian.
Dr. Janet Ackerman of Animal Medical Center is organizing the first Walk with a Dog Doc and participants are encouraged to bring their dogs.
Participants will gather at Davis Park, Saturday morning, Oct. 11, 2014, and the walk will last from 9 a.m. – 11 a.m.
In addition to the cardiovascular and weight control benefits that humans derive from walking, exercise also provides additional benefits for our pets. Having an outlet for energy can help diminish destructive and unruly behaviors at home, such as tearing up furniture, digging, attention seeking and restlessness. Walking your dog will help your dog be more relaxed and less fearful of social encounters. Your bond with your pet will be even stronger as you take your place as leader. Plus, they are fascinated by all those interesting smells! It’s truly a treat for your dog to have that time with you.
A Save This Life Microchip clinic will be held in conjunction with the walk. Having your pet microchipped can actually save its life if he or she becomes separated from you.  
Animal Medical Center is also partnering with Second Chance Animal Rescue, and the rescue will have dogs of all sizes available for adoption. Leigh Ann Falconer of Bark Busters will be providing obedience demonstrations and training tips, and Lori Ashe will have some Agility demonstrations for your enjoyment.
Refreshments and treats for all participants who complete at least a one mile walk, and give-aways for all.
All dogs must be current on vaccinations and kept on leash and under control.
For more information call Animal Medical Center at 229-377-2060.

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