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Commission chairman continues to push for better financial reporting

Grady County officials have set a tentative date of Oct. 21 to receive a budget report that accurately reflects the financial operations of the county.
On Tuesday night, commissioners discussed financial reporting with County Administrator Carlos Tobar, Accounting Manager Connie Blackman, and County Clerk Carrie Kines.
“We are not up to date yet and numbers in this budget report reflect that. There are some huge differences here and maybe Connie or Carlos can explain,” Grady County Commission Chairman T.D. David said Tuesday night.
The chairman asked Tobar and Blackman, “Do you have any idea, Connie or Carlos, when we will have something presentable. When will we have some consistency out of this?”
“It’s probably going to be the end of October,” Ms. Blackman predicted.
Chairman David suggested that the county staff “shoot for the last meeting in October.”
“At that point we should have very few ‘I don’t know’s’ or items out of line,” Chairman David added.
The county’s accounting manager has been busy working to reconcile all of the county’s bank statements and she reported Tuesday night she only has five more accounts to reconcile.
Ms. Blackman also told commissioners that department heads and elected officials are paying more attention to their budgets as a result of the process of working to clean up the county’s accounting and to properly code all expenditures.
Chairman David said that over the course of the last several months he has “fussed” a lot about the financial reporting and that commissioners had questions about the county’s financial picture as well, but he said that the board was appreciative of the extra time invested in the cleanup by Ms. Blackman.
“We appreciate what you’ve done since you have been here. I know you have put in some extra hours. As long as you are comfortable that everything is coming together. One thing I would ask is if you need anything that is not being supplied to you that you go to Carlos and he can come to us,” Chairman David said.
According to Tobar, much of the cleanup involves setting up budgets in the accounting software for the county’s Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax accounts and correcting prior expenses that were not coded accurately.
“We need to be able to use this budget report to manage our funds and have written financial statements that tell you something,” David said.

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