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A pair of armed thieves remain on the lam as police investigate their robbery of Cairo’s Piggly Wiggly Thursday night.
Minutes before clerks closed for the night, a pair of masked men ran into the store, located on U.S. 84, and yelled, “You know what time it is.”
One of the men was armed with a medium sized handgun, and as he brandished the weapon, the other man grabbed a plastic grocery bag and ran straight to the safe, which is located at the front of the store.
There were three store employees and one female customer inside the building, but one clerk ran from the store and across the street to call 911, according to Cairo Police Investigator Wandell Asbell.
The clerk says she ran from the store when she thought the robbers were looking elsewhere. She ran to a nearby home and asked the homeowners to call police, explaining the Piggly Wiggly was being robbed.
Meanwhile, the robbers were inside the store as one filled the grocery bag with cash from the safe and the other pointed a gun at the remaining clerks and the customer who had been paying for her groceries when the robbery happened.
Asbell says the suspects were inside the store for only a short time. “They grabbed what they could as quick as they could and ran,” Investigator Asbell says.
Although they had both entered the store from the same direction, they exited taking different routes. One man ran outside through the store’s front door, which faces south. The other suspect ran through the front door that faces west.
The husband of the customer who was inside the store at the time, was waiting in his car in the parking lot and tells police he saw both men run into the store wearing jackets and hoods, but was unconcerned due to the cold temperatures and wind. He then saw the clerk run out of the store. When he saw the two men run out of the store in different directions shortly afterwards, he became concerned and got out of his car to check on his wife.
Asbell says, luckily, no shots were fired and no one was injured in the armed robbery.
Police are currently reviewing video footage and physical evidence at the scene as they investigate the case. They are not releasing the amount of cash taken in the robbery.
The suspects are described as young, white males with slender build. Anyone with information that could assist police should call Cairo Police at (229)378-3096 or 911.

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