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City looks to revise ordinance governing signs

The Cairo City Council is working to strengthen its ordinances regulating signs within the corporate limits.
City Attorney Thomas L. Lehman presented a first draft of a proposed new ordinance on Monday night.
“Obviously we have to make some changes. This is a first go round that I came up with after looking at what other people have done as a guide,” Lehman said.
According to the city attorney, the existing ordinances prohibit billboards in the city.
Lehman says an outright prohibition would not survive a legal challenge and in the proposed ordinance he has attempted to come up with something “palatable” to all parties.
The city attorney told councilmen that the goal of the proposed ordinance is to stipulate where billboards can be located.
Under his proposal, Lehman uses the zoning ordinance to stipulate where billboards can be erected. He has also included limitations on the size and height in addition to location.
“I think I understand the sentiments of you and the town, but we’ve got to make it where billboards can be located here,” Lehman said.
The council will follow the same process as it does with all zoning issues and a public hearing on the ordinance will be held next month, according to Lehman.

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