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Taxpayers begin to receive 2013 tax bills

Over 13,000 tax bills were mailed late last week and local taxpayers have begun to receive the official notices.
Grady County Tax Commissioner Phyllis Gainous says that 13,395 bills were processed and mailed on Friday.
The bills were printed and mailed out by Diversified Companies of Chattanooga, TN at a cost of 36 cents per bill including postage, processing and envelopes.
If you have not received your tax notice or have a question about your bill call the tax commissioner’s office at 229-377-3322.
Taxes are due without interest and penalty on Dec. 20, 2013.
According to Mrs. Gainous, taxpayers can once again enter into an agreement and make partial payments on their taxes between now and Dec. 20 without being assessed interest or penalties.
Extended payments going past Dec. 20 will be subject to interest and penalties, according to Mrs. Gainous.

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