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Get arrested, expect a special shower

Anyone who gets arrested and sent to the Grady County jail can plan on taking a special bath before being put behind bars.
On Tuesday, Grady County Commissioners approved a request from Grady County Sheriff Harry Young and Jail Administrator Lt. John Walton to retrofit the inmate intake shower at the detention center.
A recent outbreak of lice and the potential for Staphylococcos Aureus Infections, commonly referred to as Staph Infections, is the reason behind the sheriff’s request.
“We’ve had a problem with a lice outbreak several times. This new shower is designed to eliminate lice and reduce the risk of Staph Infections. Every inmate will take a shower when they are booked,” Sheriff Young said.
“This isn’t something they can easily tear up is it?” Chairman Billy Poitevint asked.
Jail Administrator Lt. John Walton said that inmates who are riled will be detained in a secure solitary zone until they are allowed to shower.
“We will be right there with them and make sure they don’t tear it up,” Walton said.
The retrofitted shower and antibacterial body wash and staph shower shampoo system will be purchased from Romaine Companies at a cost of $3,300. In addition, the county will purchase a year’s supply of shampoo at a cost of $2,650.
Grady County Administrator Carlos Tobar applauded the architects and engineers who designed the jail for including an access panel in the shower that will make installation easy and will not require the cutting into walls.
Tobar is recommending the cost for the system to come out of the Building and Grounds repair line item and the detention center’s operational supplies line item.
“Is there any other sheriff’s office using this?” Commissioner LaFaye Copeland asked.
According to Sheriff Young, it is a relatively new system, but a lot of sheriffs are purchasing the Romaine system.
“We are having more lice and staph infections in the jail than ever before. Hopefully, this will prevent lice from spreading and the potential for us being sued,” Sheriff Young said.
“Will everyone go through it or will they be handpicked?” Commissioner Elwyn Childs asked.
Sheriff Young said anyone arrested and put in jail would have to take the shower upon being booked.
The sheriff anticipates the new system will be installed shortly. “The company is just waiting for your approval to put it in,” he added.
Commissioners voted unanimously to retrofit the showers and to purchase a year’s supply of the medicated shampoo and body wash.

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