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As mayor, Higginbotham will set sites above “mediocrity”

Scott Higginbotham has vacated his seat on the Grady County Board of Education in order to run for mayor of Cairo.
Saying the city is “dying on the vine,” the former school board vice chairman said he hopes to make a better future for the city so that children can return to the community to live and work.
“One of the reasons I decided to run is the same reason I decided to run for school board. Four years ago, when my children were entering high school and I started looking to their future, there is no future for my kids in Cairo. What is there for them to do here? Like so many other parents in our community, for their survival and well being, I hated to say it, but I told them they don’t need to return to this community after college, because there isn’t anything here for them,” Higginbotham said.
He added, “And that is really sad. Four years later, I’m still telling them the same thing, I wish I didn’t have to, and it hurts to have to tell your kids, the community they grew up in is dying on the vine.”
Higginbotham said many other parents in the community feel the same.
“I can’t tell you how many conversations I have had with people in this community that are telling their kids the same thing. Look at our ‘leaders’ now. How many of their kids are in this community making a living and starting a family? Not many. A couple here and there, but the overwhelming majority of their kids are living and working in another community. Don’t we want better than that for the kids of Cairo and Grady County? I certainly do,” Higginbotham said.
Higginbotham is not deterred by the fact the mayor only votes in the case of a tie.
“I basically had a vote that didn’t count for the first three years on the school board, but I was instrumental in getting this school system turned around in a positive direction and headed down the right path toward success. The school system is no longer striving for mediocrity,” he said.
The former school board vice chairman said he can make a similar difference in the city government.
“We have been accepting mediocrity for years as a success. It is time for the old guard to step aside and let new blood enter and bring our town back to something we can be proud of and actually go out and invite our kids to come back to this community and be a part of,” Higginbotham said.
As of the close of business Tuesday, the only candidates who had qualified to run for mayor were Higginbotham and former District 2 county commissioner Charles Renaud.
Higginbotham is an investment advisor with TNB Financial, which is based in Thomasville. He formerly was associated with Edward Jones here from 2003 until 2010.
He is the father of two children: Trey, 18, and Mattison, 17.
Higginbotham and his wife Kellie reside at 1716 Oakdale Road S.E. in Cairo.
His term on the board of education would have ended Dec. 31, 2014 and if elected mayor he would take office Jan. 1, 2014.
Higginbotham was appointed to the school board in July 2010 following the resignation of Joe Porter, who moved out of District 5. Higginbotham was the only candidate to qualify to run for the District 5 board seat so the school board voted for Higginbotham to fill the remainder of Porter’s term, which ended Dec. 31, 2010.
In addition to his service on the school board, Higginbotham has been active in United Way for Grady County, the Grady Cultural Center/Zebulon board, the Cairo Downtown Development Authority, the Grady County Recreation Advisory Committee, and the Cairo-Grady County Chamber of Commerce.
He is a past president of the Cairo Rotary Club and has served as a volunteer coach.

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