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Mulholland staying put, not running for state post

District Attorney Joe Mulholland will not be in the race for Georgia Attorney General next year.
Mulholland admits he was contacted by Democratic Party leaders and encouraged to run, but he said he gave them three good reasons why he will not seek the statewide office next year.
“I’ve got three good reasons why I won’t run. Our six-week-old twins and our three-year-old son,” the district attorney said.
“My priority is my family and raising our children in southwest Georgia is a whole lot better than raising them in Atlanta. I was flattered to be asked, but I am very happy where I’m at. I told them not only no, but heck no,” Mulholland said.
A rumor that Mulholland was seeking the attorney general’s office currently held by Republican Sam Olens was being circulated throughout the South Georgia circuit, but the district attorney said he was not interested at this point in time.
Mulholland took office in 2004 as the youngest district attorney in the state’s history.

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