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Still no autopsy results, so Myers remains on paid leave

Cairo Police Investigator Johnny Myers remains on leave as the GBI awaits autopsy results of a Cairo man killed when Myers and others were attempting to bring him into custody last month.
Steven Turner, GBI Special Agent in Charge, says he is still awaiting an autopsy report from the Crime Lab before he can close the investigation.
Izaiah Goar was killed on Monday, May 13, after a police car driven by Myers struck him in the 400 block of 11th Avenue NE, according to the GBI.
Witnesses had called police to the area earlier saying Goar was armed with a large kitchen knife and walking around the neighborhood threatening to kill people.
When Cairo Police arrived at the scene, they attempted to bring Goar into custody, but he refused to comply and continued to run sporadically around the area brandishing the knife. Myers was attempting to block Goar from charging at another officer when he struck Goar instead, according to Cairo Police. Another officer’s car had bumped Goar and knocked him down earlier, but Goar had jumped up and continued to run around.
Myers has been on paid leave since the incident as the investigation continues. Cairo Police Chief Keith Sandefur says he will remain on leave until the investigation is concluded.

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