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Sheriff is chapped by loss of web

The Grady County Sheriff’s Office has been without Internet services for a week, and Sheriff Harry Young is fed up. Young says he is hoping a workman scheduled to arrive at the office today, Wednesday, June 19, will resolve the irritating situation.
“I called Windstream and raised cain at them again,” says Sheriff Young, “I’m sick of it! We’ve got a whole office basically shut down.”
Apparently a worn modem is the cause of the problem, which has had the Sheriff’s Office without the Internet since last Tuesday, June 11.
Without the Internet, the office is unable to check criminal histories through the Georgia Crime Information Center, or access other critical reports.
Sheriff Young says Windstream sent a serviceman one day, but he was unable to repair the modem due to the lack of a work order, even though he had what was needed to make the repair. The next day he returned and reset the system, which operated briefly, but then shut down again after he left.

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