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Officials fear Tired Creek tract may be hog refuge

Wild hogs appear to be a growing concern for Grady County farmers and property owners in the vicinity of the Tired Creek Lake site and one property owner appeared before the county commission to discuss the issue.
John Gainous of Cedar Spring Road addressed the board Tuesday night seeking the county’s “patience” if dogs used in the hunting of wild hogs drifted onto county property.
The county no longer permits hunting or other recreational activities on the property as the construction of the dam for the lake project progresses.
According to Gainous, the problem with wild hogs and the damage they incur on local farms is becoming a major issue.
“There were 15 that went by me Sunday,” Gainous said. The Cedar Spring Road resident said he shot one hog and has tried to trap them but has not been successful.
He explained that many of the dogs used in hog hunting are wearing GPS collars that can prove where the dogs were let out, however he says many time they head straight for the county property.
Gainous said that all the hunters were requesting of the county is permission to go on county property to retrieve their dogs. He asked if state law allows hunters to cross a property line to retrieve game the hunter has killed.
Grady County Attorney Kevin S. Cauley said he had not researched the law, but believed that Gainous was accurate.
“We prohibited hunting and other recreational activities because of the safety issues involved once the dam construction began. However, I’m afraid the property has become a refuge for wild hogs,” Cauley said.
Commissioner Elwyn Childs asked if it might be possible to schedule a wild hog kill day in an attempt to thin the population of wild hogs in the area.
Cauley said it was something that could be considered, but made no other comment. However, the county attorney said the board could make game wardens aware of its desire not to prosecute trespassing violations for hog hunters going onto the property to retrieve their dogs.
Gainous assured the board members that noone was requesting to hunt on the county’s property, but to simply retrieve their dogs if they cross onto the lake project site.
The board unanimously agreed that hunters going on the property to collect their dogs would not be an issue for the county.

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