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New “Chamber Bucks” program is launched

CHAMBER OF COMMERCE OFFICIALS Carol Lehman, left, Jennifer Majors and Chadd Mathis show off the new Chamber Bucks. The program is designed to promote shopping in Grady County.

Keeping as many dollars as possible at home during the upcoming holiday season is the goal of the Cairo-Grady County Chamber of Commerce and its all new Chamber Bucks promotion.
Chamber Bucks can only be spent in Cairo and Grady County and only at participating chamber members, according to Jennifer Majors, the chamber’s executive vice president.
“We are trying to build on the success of the Christmas Gift Certificate program begun many years ago by Koyo and the city of Cairo,” Mrs Majors said Tuesday.
For several years, the employees of Koyo and city have been given Christmas gift certificates to spend during the holiday shopping season. The certificates are accepted only at participating chamber members.
The Chamber Bucks program opens up a similar program to all local employers and citizens.
Mrs. Majors said Chamber Bucks are an attractive alternative to the traditional gift certificate.
“If you purchase someone a gift certificate to one store and give as a gift and that person would rather have a gift certificate to another store, they cannot use their certificate at the store of their choice. However, with Chamber Bucks they can spend it at any participating merchant they choose,” Mrs. Majors explained.
There is no fee for merchants to participant, but they must be a current dues paying chamber member and must maintain their membership in order to participate.
The Chamber Bucks may be purchased through the Chamber office and are available in $5, $10 and $20 increments.
Mrs. Majors said the chamber is producing a participant directory that will be distributed to everyone who purchases Chamber Bucks.
The Chamber Bucks must be spent in their entirety and merchants are not expected to give cash back.
“Merchants will treat Chamber Bucks just like regular money and customers using them will endorse the back just like they would a check. Merchants can redeem for cash value at the main office of Ameris Bank in Cairo,” Mrs. Majors said.
“This is just another way the chamber can help promote shopping in Cairo and keeping our dollars at home this holiday season,” she added.
For more information about Chamber Bucks, or to purchase some contact the chamber at 229-377-3663.

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