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Hunting on Tired Creek property is prohibited

County officials say problems caused by wild hogs are growing in Grady County, but particularly on the Tired Creek lake property.
Grady County Commissioner Charles Norton said Tuesday the board needs to give Georgia Department of Natural Resources rangers direction about whether hunting of hogs is allowed on the lake property or not and, if so, does the county plan to regulate the hog hunting.
County Attorney Kevin S. Cauley reminded commissioners that they had taken action previously banning all hunting on the lake site as a safety precaution for those involved in the construction of the 960-acre recreational lake.
Commissioners voted in November 2010 to revoke all hunting permits issued for hunting on the county’s land and to prohibit all hunting on the tract going forward.
“You have banned all hunting,” Cauley said, but Norton responded, “people are hunting out there” and Cauley noted “they are doing so illegally.”
The county attorney questioned why DNR personnel would need direction since they had made cases for illegal hunting on the property previously.
County Administrator Rusty Moye said he would communicate with the DNR officials to make them aware that all hunting is prohibited on the property. However, he noted that wild hogs are “tearing up the property out there.”
Commission Chairman Elwyn Childs said, “I wish we could give the opportunity to kill all of them.”

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