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Neighbors aid police in thief’s arrest

A pair of observant neighbors in Northwest Cairo have helped police solve a string of entering auto cases, plus others that haven’t even been reported as crimes, police investigators say.
The citizens reported seeing a suspicious person early Saturday morning and with their directions, and the eagerness of police to find the suspect, an arrest was made.
Cairo Police say Kenneth Glenn Jr., 18, has since admitted to entering 40 autos over the last four weeks.
“He confessed to so many I had to put him in the car and ride him around so he could show me,” said Lt. Johnny Myers, Cairo Police investigator.
Myers reported that of those 40 cars, only one had been locked and the only reason Glenn said he risked making a noise and breaking the window was because a purse had been left in plain view in the front center console.
“Except for that one case, he didn’t have to break into any cars. All he had to do was open the doors and get in them,” said Investigator Myers.
Myers said Glenn moved here from Albany six months ago and lived with his grandfather on Legion Boulevard. Glenn told Myers that over the last four weeks he’d leave home at 10 p.m., and walk the streets of Cairo looking for unlocked vehicles until 4 a.m. or 5 a.m.
With his arrest, police have recovered several GPS units, wallets, laptop computers, purses, drivers’ licenses, stereo speakers, a set of car keys, two medical bags and more. One of the medical bags had been reported missing and police have been able to return it to its owner. The other bag was never reported to police as stolen. According to Myers, Glenn said he found the car keys left in a vehicle’s ignition and had planned to return later to steal the vehicle.
Myers said he has been trying to contact owners of vehicles Glenn identified if those vehicles have not already been reported as being entered. However, Glenn did tell police that he didn’t steal from every vehicle he looked into, because he found nothing of value inside. Myers said some people he’s contacted so far said they never realized the now recovered items were stolen, but rather, thought they were just lost or misplaced.
Myers praised the callers who alerted police to the possibility of a suspicious person lurking in the Northwest neighborhood.
“Those two phone calls actually broke the case,” Myers said, “they got officers over there in the area and the officers worked diligently staying with that call until they found the person.”
The first report of a suspicious man wearing dark shorts and a white t-shirt on First Street N.W. was made to 911 at 5:16 a.m., Saturday. Cairo Police officers searched the area without finding the subject initially, but spoke with a neighbor they saw walking outside and warned her of their reasons for being in the area. At 5:29 a.m., the walker also called 911, saying she had seen a suspicious person running through a neighbor’s yard and into a pool house at the corner of 12th Avenue N.W. and Fourth Street N.W.
Officers surrounded the pool house and found the subject lying on the ground between the pool house and a row of bushes. Glenn was handcuffed and taken into custody. On the ground nearby, officers found a white t-shirt and an aluminum baseball bat.
While walking to the patrol car, Glenn claimed to the officers he had been running away from a group of boys. At the police car, officers patted him down to search for weapons. Concealed under his shorts, officers allegedly found a pair of gloves.
As officers prepared to put Glenn in the back seat of the patrol car, Glenn allegedly snatched away and began running westbound. Officers gave chase and soon apprehended Glenn again, but had to subdue him using pepper spray.
Officers later spoke with the homeowner on First Street N.W. where the first witness reported seeing the suspicious person, and that homeowner reported that he was missing an aluminum bat and a Craftsman dual action sander. He identified the bat found with Glenn near the pool house as being his.
Glenn is charged with 18 counts of entering auto, one count of loitering/prowling, and one count of obstruction of an officer.
Myers urged residents to continue to lock their cars and report suspicious people, contending Glenn’s arrest will not end entering auto cases.

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