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School Board adopts budget

After months of discussion and deliberation, the Grady County Board of Education voted unanimously Monday on an ad valorem tax rate and agreed to a spending plan for 2012-2013.
Board members set the school tax millage rate at 14.2 mills, which is the same rate levied in 2011. Based on that millage rate when applied to the county’s tax digest, the school system should receive $7,344,968 in ad valorem taxes to fund in part the county’s public schools.
The bulk of the system’s $35,468,122 operating budget comes from state and federal funds.
Of the $7,344,968 in ad valorem taxes the county school system’s take will actually be $7,161,344 after 2.5 percent of the total taxes is deducted by the Grady County Board of Commissioners in payment for collecting the school taxes.
“This is a budget that meets our needs. I believe it is an efficient budget that was developed after a lot of discussion over the last several months. Basically, everyone supports this budget. There are some things I would have done differently if it were left up to me, and I am sure there are some things individual board members would have done differently if were left up to them. In the end, we have a document that is agreed upon as the way to go forward by the board and superintendent,” School Superintendent Dr. Tommy Pharis said.
—Randolph H. Wind

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