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Book signing is this Saturday

AUTHOR Bob Bell is the son of the late Cairo Mayor Arthur Bell and Roselle Hatcher Bell. He will be featured at a book signing next Saturday, July 28.

A member of the Cairo High School Class of 1961 will have a very special homecoming this weekend as Roddenbery Memorial Library hosts a book signing for Captain, JAGC, USN (Ret) Bob Bell, author of the book “Between Life and Eternity.”
Bell is the son of the late Cairo Mayor Roy Arthur Bell and Roselle Hatcher Bell.
He was the co-valedictorian of the CHS Class of 1961 with June Walker, daughter of the late John and Marion Walker.
Bell’s new book is a nonfiction, inspirational book that tells the story of a terrible wreck he and his family were in that claimed the lives of his wife and young daughter. An alcohol and drug impaired driver crashed into the Bell’s car in Miami in 1984.
The author recounts the story of their separating from their bodies and encountering an angel who was taking them to Heaven. However, the author writes he was sent back to life with “missions” to accomplish.
The book is a tale of the supernatural experience and how it impacted his life and related events for the next 27 years.
“I hope my book will benefit many people in many different ways as it is a real life and death story that can cause people to think seriously about some of life’s most important issues. Initially, I hope it will discourage drunken driving and encourage responsibility in many areas,” Bell said.
The CHS alumnus said he hopes the book will remind others of the importance of family and friends. “I also hope it will motivate others to realize their potential,” Bell said.
“Our long term success individually as families and as a nation is based upon adherence to the principles that made America great and our faith and trust in God that saves us and helps us in time of trouble,” Bell said.
The book signing will begin this Saturday, July 28, at 11 a.m. and last until approximately 1 p.m.
Bell, now a resident of Baton Rouge, La., will discuss the book and host a question and answer session.
Bell’s return to Cairo coincides with a quarterly gathering of the Class of 1961.

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