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Incumbent tax commissioner is running

Grady County Tax Commissioner Phyllis Gainous will seek a fourth term of office when qualifying opens next month.
“I would like to thank the citizens of Grady County for entrusting me to serve as your tax commissioner for the past 12 years. Over those years we have made a lot of changes in the office,” Mrs. Gainous said.
During her tenure, she said she is proud that the tax software has been updated and payments can now be made online.
In an effort to make payment of all local taxes more convenient and efficient, the tax commissioner’s office began in 2010 collecting city of Cairo municipal taxes and this year Mrs. Gainous will also begin collecting city of Whigham municipal taxes.
“Having all of the taxes on a single bill makes it more convenient for everyone and the mortgage companies have found this to be a much easier payment process,” Mrs. Gainous said.
In 2003, the Grady County Tax Commissioner’s office went online with the state for tag renewals. Renewals can now also be processed by mail or online.
Mrs. Gainous said she is also proud that in 2006 she registered as a vendor for collecting sales tax on out-of-state motor vehicle purchases, which insures Grady County receives accurate sales taxes on these purchases and the money is collected quickly.
Under her leadership, the Grady County Tax Commissioner’s office is now responsible for issuing handicap placards and collecting lapse of insurance fees for the state and county. She said that with ever changing laws, she and her staff have assumed more responsibilities and are busy keeping up to date on current regulations.
“I could not have been successful in public service without the support, dedication and hard work of my entire staff. They work hard each and every day to serve the citizens of this county and I thank them for their commitment and service,” Mrs. Gainous said.
The incumbent tax commissioner said she is pleased to have an experienced staff as well. She notes that Cathy Slaughter has nine years experience in the tax office; Nancy Davis has six years of service; Carole Booth is a 14 year veteran; Laura Sellars has been with the county 14 years and in the tax commissioner’s office for one year as has Ashley Ladner.
“I look forward to serving everyone for another four years if the voters choose to allow me another term in office. I would appreciate your vote and support,” Mrs. Gainous said.
Qualifying for local office opens Wednesday, May 23, and will end at noon on Friday, May 25. Local offices up for election this year in addition to tax commissioner include: sheriff; clerk of superior court; chief magistrate; probate judge; coroner; and Districts 1, 3 and 4 county commissioners and school board members.

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