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Vets warn of Parvo outbreak in Grady

Parvo virus is running rampant among our dog population, causing unnecessary suffering and death, according to two Grady County veterinarians. Both veterinary hospitals in Cairo report a spike in the number of cases lately. Pet owners need to be informed and take measures to protect their pets.
According to Drs. Janet Ackerman, DVM, and Alex Greenberg, DVM, this virus attacks the digestive tract of dogs and causes the dog to lose its appetite, vomit and pass diarrhea that becomes bloody. The virus can also cause problems in the bone marrow.  Dehydration, sepsis, blood loss and shock often lead to death. This is a miserable way for a dog to lose its life.
Parvo is highly contagious among canines and affects puppies the most severely. Virus can be left on the ground outdoors, be carried on people’s shoes, hands, etc., and can be spread in a multitude of other ways.
Dogs running loose often spread the virus. Keeping your dog separated from sick and unvaccinated dogs and in a clean environment will help prevent exposure.
Early detection and treatment are vital to minimize suffering and the risk of death. However, the best thing you can do to keep your pet from suffering with Parvo is to have it vaccinated BEFORE it is exposed to the virus. Immunizations should begin at six (6) weeks of age, and be boostered every three weeks until a puppy reaches four months of age.  Vaccinating adult dogs yearly maintains good levels of protection.
For more information contact Dr. Ackerman at 229-377-2060 or Dr. Greenberg at 229-377-1803.

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