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State-of-the-art outpatient imaging services now offered at Grady General

Patients in Grady County now have access to new state-of-the-art outpatient imaging services. Digital mammography and ultrasound imaging are now available at Grady General Hospital.
A mammogram, or low-dose x-ray exam of the breast, is typically used to screen for breast cancer in women who have no breast complaints, as well as those who may have symptoms. The mammogram is recorded directly into a computer for a specially trained doctor called a radiologist to examine.
“In most cases, digital mammography is the best method of screening, particularly for breast cancer in patients with dense breasts,” said Archbold radiologist Thomas C. Fearneyhough, M.D. “In addition, digital mammography offers a number of practical advantages and patient conveniences, compared to film-based mammography. We’re proud to offer advanced breast imaging options in Grady County.”
Digital mammography produces images immediately, allowing the radiologist to evaluate the images as they’re taken.
“Our local radiologists review the patient’s mammography results on-site,” said LaDon Toole, Grady General Hospital administrator. “In addition, digital images have improved clarity, which aids in interpretation.”
Grady General also recently installed a new Phillips IU22 Ultrasound Machine – a general imaging machine. Ultrasound imaging is a noninvasive medical test that helps physicians diagnose and treat medical conditions.
The new ultrasound machine will be used for a wide range of clinical applications including general radiology, breast, OB-GYN, perinatology and vascular imaging.
Digital mammography and ultrasound are the first of five new imaging technologies to arrive that will be housed in the new Grady General Hospital Imaging Center scheduled to open in July. A digital RAD room is scheduled to be operational this month while construction is underway to accommodate a 1.5 magnet MRI machine and 64-Slice CT scanner, both scheduled to be operational in May.
“The new technology at GGH provides residents high-quality imaging options locally,” said Toole. “Our new imaging technologies offer unprecedented speed and outstanding image quality that will help doctors detect disease earlier, leading to more effective treatment options for our residents.”

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