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Jobless rate here down to 7.7 percent

The unemployment rate in Grady County is well below our neighbors and, in fact, is the second lowest in the region.
The Georgia Department of Labor recently released jobless numbers for January and the results show that the lowest rate in southwest Georgia is Miller County with 6.3 percent, but Grady County is only at 7.7 percent.
Decatur County’s unemployment rate stands at 12.6, while Thomas is at 8.1. Mitchell County’s rate is 9.6 and Colquitt County’s rate is at 9.3 percent.
Debra Hancock of the Cairo Career Center of the Georgia Department of Labor told members of the Grady County Joint Development Authority Tuesday that Grady’s 7.7 percent rate is the lowest it has been in two years.
“Compared to those around us, it really looks good,” said JDA Executive Director Chadd Mathis.
Other southwest Georgia counties with less than 8 percent unemployment include Lee County and Webster County.

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