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Council gives green light on Phase 2 of Davis Park project

After delaying action for two weeks to obtain more specific bid information, the Cairo City Council voted Monday night to accept a bid on Phase 2 of the Davis Park rehabilitation project.
Officials with GFA Design Build of Cairo and Taylor Construction of Thomasville made presentations to the Cairo City Council this week.
During the meeting, city officials learned that Taylor Construction and its landscaping partner, Whiddon Landscaping, had dramatically increased the number of plants and trees to be included in their proposal.
Officials of the Thomasville firms had increased the plants from 332 to over 600 and from 30 trees to 45 trees.
Even with the increased plants and trees, the company said it was standing by its total bid of $168,030 for the job.
City officials also heard a presentation from Randall Myrick of GFA Design Build and his landscaping partner Doug Lake of Lake Landscaping.
The GFA bid contained the most details and specifications of the buildings to be constructed and the plants to be used, and Mayor Pro Tem James H. (Jimmy) Douglas was skeptical of the revised plan described by Taylor Construction’s Brent Taylor and Whiddon official Kevin McCranie.
“Why was this not included in the original presentation?” Douglas asked the Thomasville businessmen.
McCranie said the revisions had been made in order to give the city the “best value for the dollar.”
City Manager Chris Addleton said his concern was the revised plan appeared to be much more than previously discussed. He asked if they could deliver the project for the price that had been originally bid.
“Both firms are capable of doing the work. One has more of a local aspect and there is $4,000 difference. Whoever gets the job, I will hold them to these prices,” Addleton said.
After discussing the bids and the revisions proposed, Councilman Kermit Gilliard offered a motion to accept the higher bid of GFA at $172,755. Councilman Bobby Gwaltney seconded and the motion passed unanimously.
Councilman Gilliard said it is the council’s responsibility to select the “best” bid, which is not necessarily the “lowest” bid.
“The GFA bid offered the most complete and specific bid from the beginning. I felt more comfortable with their bid,” Gilliard said.
Phase 2 of the Davis Park project includes the construction of new men’s and women’s bathroom facilities, a 35′ x 50′ covered pavilion, landscaping, benches, sidewalks and brick pavers.
The city is researching grant opportunities for new playground equipment and a private citizen has pledged up to $12,500 for the purchase of new playground equipment for the city park.
“I’m glad that a decision was made and we can move forward and, hopefully, complete the work in time for the Great Southern Antique Car Rally in May,” Addleton said.

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