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County schedules public hearings on zoning

A series of public hearings will be held over a three week period beginning Feb. 13 to allow the public the opportunity to learn more about the proposed Grady County zoning ordinance and to make public comment.
Grady County Commissioners on Tuesday night approved the schedule for nine public hearings to be held throughout the county.
The schedule includes: Monday, Feb. 13 – Beachton Volunteer Fire Station; Tuesday, Feb. 14 – Calvary Volunteer Fire Station; Thursday, Feb. 16 – Reno Volunteer Fire Station; Monday, Feb. 20 – Midway Volunteer Fire Station; Thursday, Feb. 23 – Pine Park Volunteer Fire Station; Mon., Feb. 27 – Whigham Community Club or Boy Scout Lodge; Tuesday, Feb. 28 – Pine Level Volunteer Fire Station; Thursday, March 1 – Spence Volunteer Fire Station; and Monday, March 5 – County Line Volunteer Fire Station.
All hearings will begin at 7 p.m.
The county has authorized the printing of 1,000 copies of the proposed ordinance and they will be made available shortly for interested citizens to obtain and read.
Grady County Commission Vice Chairman Elwyn Childs offered a motion Tuesday night to request a show of hands at each hearing for or against the proposed ordinance.
“That way we will have a count of who is for and against it,” Childs said.
Commissioner T.D. David said it was acceptable to him as long as the board was not forcing anyone to do something they did not want to do. “Will a roll be taken or any record of the vote?” David asked.
Grady County Commission Chairman Charles Norton said that all of the hearings are considered a public meeting, which would require minutes of each one.
Commissioner Al Ball said he was in support of a record of who participates, but he said a vote was unnecessary.
The only vote that should be taken, according to Ball, is a countywide vote on a referendum ballot. He described the results of any show of hands at the nine different hearings as “meaningless.”
“It means something to us,” Commissioner Billy Poitevint said.
“Some people will not comment, but they will stick their hand up one way or another,” Chairman Norton said.
Ball continued to voice opposition to a show of hands and finally Chairman Norton stated, “I disagree with you Mr. Ball. When you go out in the county you have got the ones in that community who are affected by this. If you put it to a countywide vote you got folks in the city (of Cairo) who are not affected voting.”
“This doesn’t affect the people in the city, period.” Commissioner Poitevint added.
“I just think people should not feel they have to cast a vote one way or another,” Commissioner Ball concluded.
“It will be up to them to raise their hand or not,” Chairman Norton replied.
Norton, Poitevint and Childs voted in favor of requesting a show of hands at each hearing and David and Ball opposed.

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