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Cairo Christmas Parade is tomorrow night at seven

The 2011 edition of the Cairo Christmas Parade steps off tomorrow night at 7 p.m.
Nearly 80 entries are included, according to veteran parade chairman Michael Best.
Best reminds all residents that the city will prohibit parking on Broad Street during the parade.
“Make your plans to bring the whole family and your neighbors out to enjoy this year’s parade. It may not be the largest ever, but it will likely be one of the best!” Chairman Best said.
Parade organizers also encourage everyone to place their trash in conveniently located trash receptacles placed by the city of Cairo along the parade route. This will greatly help in the clean up following the parade.
In years past, the parade route has been littered with discarded cups, cans and other trash and required many hours of city employee time to clean up the downtown business district.
“Please come, enjoy the parade, but please don’t litter!” Best said.
The 2011 Christmas Parade lineup includes:
2.  Washington Middle School Cheerleaders
3.  Grady County Middle School Band
4.  Legacy Twirling Academy
5.  Grady County Man of the Year
6.  Grady County Community Service Award
7.  Grady County Professional of the Year
8.  Grady County Teacher of the Year
9.  Grady County Farm Family
10. City of Cairo/CNS
11. Grady County Board of Commissioners
12. Representative Gene Maddox
13. Representative Darlene Taylor
14. Congressman Sanford Bishop
15. Decatur/Grady Head Start
16. Grady County Tax Commissioner
17. Auntie Ann’s Daycare
18. Auntie Ann’s Daycare
19. United National Bank
20. Grady County Special Olympics
21. Northside Elementary School
22. Cairo/Grady Boys & Girls Club
23. Grady County VFD
24. SyrupCity Southlands Queens
25. Sailfish Boats
26. Gilliard’s Store
27. Southside School
28. Oak Center
29. Thomasville Twirling Academy
30. Pelham Band
31. Whigham School Pageant -Teeny Miss
32. Whigham School Pageant – Future Miss
33. Whigham School Pageant – Little Miss
34. Whigham School Pageant – Junior Miss
35. Whigham School Pageant – Young Jr. Miss
35A. Whigham Cheerleaders
36. Whigham School
37. City of Whigham – Fire Dept./Boy Scouts
38. Emily’ Personal Care Home
39. Koyo
40. Bridal Shop
41. Unique Bikers
42. Goodwill Industries
43. Cairo Housing Authority – Neighborhood Watch
44. Cairo Housing Authority – Troop #450
45. Cairo Housing Authority – Dance
46. Climax Fire Dept.
47. Shiver PTO
48. SWGA Technical College
49. Performance Food Group
50. Odell Jolly
51. Joyful Expressions
52. Standing Ovations Dancewear
53. National American Miss
54. Stallings Motors
55. SyrupCity Players
55A. Kiwanis
56. South Georgia Performing Arts
57. Eastside School
58. County Line VFD
59. New Birth in the Spirit
60. Grady County Forestry Little Miss
61. Magnolia Baptist Church
62. DPS Tax Professionals
63. Our Father’s House Church
64. F.U.L.L.Y.
65 .Walgreen’s
66. The Firm Dance Company
67. Redeeming Life Fellowship Church
68. DJ Rudy Max
69. Cotton Assembly
69. U.S. Post Office
70. Cairo H.S. Syrup Steppers
71. Cairo High School Cheerleaders
72. Cairo High School Band
73. Cairo Fire Department & Santa Claus

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