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Only 14 percent of taxes collected to date

A month after tax bills were mailed to local taxpayers only 14 percent of the total taxes due have been collected by Grady County Tax Commissioner Phyllis Gainous’ office.
The tax commissioner reported Monday that of the $13,095,542.09 in county, school, city of Cairo and state taxes billed, $1,808,747.36 has been collected.
Mrs. Gainous has remitted $175,007.09 to the city of Cairo; $741,930.15 to the Grady County Board of Commissioners; $877,909.63 to the Grady County Board of Education; and $13,900.49 to the state of Georgia.
“I’m not concerned that we’ve only collected 14 percent at this point in time. Once those mortgage companies start paying, and they always wait until near the end, you will see the percentage skyrocket,” Mrs. Gainous said.
The tax commissioner said that contracts to establish partial payments for taxpayers who are not able to pay their taxes in a lump sum are available again this year.
According to Mrs. Gainous, the contract allows for taxpayers to split up their payments over three months.
“If a taxpayer is interested in establishing a partial payment contract they need to make arrangements with my office prior to the Dec. 20 tax payment deadline,” she said.
In addition to 2011 ad valorem taxes, Mrs. Gainous also received the 2010 reimbursement from the state for the Forest Land Protection Act. On Nov. 8, her office cut a check to the Grady County Commission for $74,549.53 and to the Grady County Board of Education in the amount of $91,589.42.

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