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Man nabbed after allegedly cooking meth while driving

A man “cooking” a batch of methamphetamine refused to stop for Cairo Police early Tuesday morning, but was finally brought to a halt when his car wrecked into a ditch, police say.
Cairo Police Chief Keith Sandefur says his officers tried to stop Larry Christie for a traffic violation, but he refused to pull over. Officers followed Christie’s Ford Thunderbird out of the city limits and onto Woodland Church Road, where he ran into a ditch while attempting to make a turn about 3:30 a.m., according to Sandefur.
Once they made contact with Christie, the officers realized he was “cooking” a batch of the illegal drug methamphetamine inside a 2-liter bottle. “The ingredients are placed in the bottle, and they have a chemical reaction with one another. That’s what they call ‘cook’,” Sandefur explains.
A professional, licensed decontamination team from Adel was called to the scene to extract the bottle and its contents safely. “It is extremely dangerous, extremely volatile and deadly, and that is what this gentleman was doing in his car,” Sandefur says.
Christie, 46, Cairo, is charged with manufacturing meth, driving with a suspended license, fleeing and attempting to elude police and having an expired tag.

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