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County delays buying Tasers for jail staff

Grady County Commissioners held back on purchasing 20 Tasers at the request of Grady County Jail Administrator Captain Tim Gainous Tuesday.
The jail administrator had obtained an offer to purchase 20 M26 Tasers with holsters for jailers at a reduced rate of $175 each for a total purchase price of $3,500.
Grady County Commission Chairman Charles Norton questioned the need for 20 units and Commissioner T.D. David noted that Gainous likely wanted to take advantage of the greatly reduced price.
David also noted that jailers would have to be certified before being armed with a Taser and asked if a plan for training and certification had been proposed.
Grady County Administrator Rusty Moye agreed that training would be required, but he was not aware of a specific training schedule.
Grady County Commissioners Al Ball and Billy Poitevint questioned how long the bid was good for, and if the units would have a warranty.
Moye was not certain how long the bid was valid, but he said the units did not have a warranty.
After discussing the possibility of approving the purchase with conditions, the board voted unanimously to table the matter until the next meeting, at which time Captain Gainous could be present to answer questions.

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