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Tax bills were mailed Thursday

Grady County Tax Commissioner Phyllis Gainous says that 13,751 tax bills were mailed Thursday to local property owners and the bills are due and payable on or before Tuesday, Dec. 20, 2011.
The bills mailed last week total $13,023,232, which includes state, county and local school taxes.
Grady County’s Top 25 taxpayers are for the majority the same taxpayers as last year, but all of them will be paying more in taxes.
Last year, the Top 25 paid combined taxes of $1,385,663.94, but this year their combined tax bill tops $1,487,012.08.
The Grady County Board of Commissioners approved a 1.27 mill tax increase this year, while the Grady County Board of Education passed a 1.3 mill tax hike and the Cairo City Council passed on a .59 mill tax increase.
According to Tax Commissioner Gainous, the Top 25 taxpayers this year will pay approximately 8.76 percent of the total taxes due.
The breakdown of taxes Mrs. Gainous and her staff will be collecting over the next two months is: state taxes – $104,002; county ad valorem taxes – $5,358,873; county school taxes – $6,390,849; and city of Cairo – $1,069,508.

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