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Sheriff’s office shuts down “hit squad”

A group calling itself the “hit squad” allegedly terrorized a group of Doe Run Drive residents several weeks ago, attacking them and smashing neighborhood mailboxes, according to the Grady County Sheriffs Office.
Deputies have arrested and charged three Cairo males – ages 19, 20 and 21- with one count each of misdemeanor battery in the case, which is still being investigated, Grady County Sheriff’s Cpl. Jeff Riggins says. All victims in the case are “OK,” he adds.
During the investigation, Riggins said he received information that the alleged offenders call themselves “the hit squad,” and at one time had a Facebook page containing videos of them “jumping on people.” Though the Facebook page has been deleted, Riggins was told the group still went by the same handle.
According to a Grady County Sheriff’s Office incident report, at 9:07 p.m., Friday, Sept. 30, Riggins responded to 210 Doe Run Drive in reference to damage to mail boxes. Three males on scene told Riggins they had been jumped by several subjects, who “took out all the mailboxes” at the entrance Doe Run Drive as they fled.
One of the alleged victims, a 21-year-old Cairo male, told Riggins he was talking with his girlfriend and another friend on family property when “several truck loads” of subjects pulled in nearby, some of whom jumped on him. He added he couldn’t remember much after this and thinks he may have been knocked out.
Observing several marks on his body, Riggins advised the alleged victim to go to the emergency room. Riggins learned in a later welfare check that the alleged victim complied but began vomiting while being examined by ER doctors. He stayed at the ER that night, but is “ok” now, Riggins said.
Another alleged victim, a 19-year-old Cairo male, told Riggins he recognized the driver of one of the trucks, a “goldish” diesel – probably a Ford or Dodge. He added the driver was also responsible for the damage to the mailboxes. Riggins observed marks from the assault on this alleged victim, as well.
The girlfriend of the first alleged victim then told Riggins she witnessed “three or four” subjects jump on her boyfriend, and when she attempted to come to her boyfriend’s aid,  one subject drew his arm back at her as if preparing to throw a punch. Another subject yelled, “She’s a girl,” and the trucks then fled with subjects in tow, she continued.
A third alleged victim, a 19-year old Cairo male, provided Riggins with the name of his alleged attacker in an interview Sunday, Oct. 2. Two of the previously interviewed victims said they had also learned several of their alleged attackers’ names, also providing them to Riggins.
On Monday, Oct. 10, Riggins met with several of the accused. Some denied being at the fights on Doe Run Drive that night, providing Riggins with alibis, while others claimed they were present but merely attempted to break up the fights already in progress.
Among the interviewees that day were the three arrested. Riggins took them into custody following their interviews.

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