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Fox awarded new teacher grant

SOUTHSIDE TEACHER Katie Fox accepts a $1,000 check from Georgia Power area manager Joe Truhett during a presentation ceremony Friday.

Though just a fledgling, first-year teacher, Katie Fox is already showing her academic and finanical worth.
Fox, a special education instructor at Southside Elementary School, accepted a check for $1,000 from Joe Truhett, area manager for Georgia Power’s Bainbridge office Friday.
The money, handed over before the watchful eyes of her students in her Southside classroom, is part of a “New Teacher Assistance Grant” awarded by Georgia Power to some of the top teachers fresh out of college across Georgia.
Fox’s alma mater, Georgia College, nominated her for the honor, considering the young educator to be among the best of its recent graduates. To be considered as a potential grant recipient, nominees including Fox had to be in the top 25 percent of their graduating classes, be first-year teachers at Georgia Public schools during the 2011 calendar year and show a high aptitude for teaching while in their respective post-secondary institutions.
The grant aims to encourage new teachers by helping them purchase materials and supplies for their classrooms, according to Georgia Power grant officials.
Cheryl Harrison, Southside principal, congratulated Fox and commended her on a job well done.

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