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Will city and county team up to fight saggy britches?

City of Cairo officials may decide to team up with Grady County commissioners in the fight against those who wear their pants below the natural waist.
Grady County commissioners had a discussion last week at the urging of Vice Chairman Elwyn Childs to consider adopting an ordinance prohibiting saggy or baggy britches that fall below the waist and expose undergarments or the anatomy.
Cairo Mayor Richard VanLandingham brought up the subject Monday night and asked if the city council was interested in working with the county in this effort.
“Would we like to coordinate with the county? What would we like to do? Other towns have passed ordinances against this,” Mayor VanLandingham said.
Councilman James H. (Jimmy) Douglas would also like to put a halt to the baggy britches, but he is concerned about the ability of the city to enforce the law.
“If you can get an ordinance you can enforce I’d be in favor of it, but that will be very difficult I’m afraid,” Douglas said.
The mayor suggested the city could follow up with other communities that have adopted such ordinances.
Nearby Donalsonville has an ordinance on the books and the first offense carries a fine of not less than $50 and an increasing penalty for subsequent offenses.
Mayor Pro Tem Kermit Gilliard questioned if city police had the time to enforce such an ordinance when there are “bigger issues for the police to deal with.”
During the county commission meeting last week, County Attorney Kevin S. Cauley said he would prepare a proposed ordinance if the commission so instructed him.
Grady County Commission Chairman Charles Norton favors an ordinance only if it can be enforced.
Cairo City Councilman Bobby Gwaltney admitted, “nobody here likes to see that,” but he too questioned if the ordinance would withstand a court challenge.
Councilman Lannis Thorton suggested the council instruct the city attorney to talk with the county and with other towns to see what, if anything, can be done.
City Manager Chris Addleton recommended, “Let’s see what the county comes up with and I will share it with you.”
Both the Cairo city council and the Grady County commission has discussed the subject in the past. Last year, Rev. Jeff Mills, an African-American pastor, appeared before the city council requesting an ordinance be adopted to combat the problem with sagging britches.

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