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Baggy pants ban on minds of commissioners

Vice Chairman Elwyn Childs

It’s a topic that has been discussed before, but there is still interest on the part of Grady County commissioners to do something about residents who wear their pants or shorts below the waistline.
Grady County Dist. 1 Commissioner Elwyn Childs quizzed County Attorney Kevin Cauley on the subject Tuesday night.
“Is there anything the county can do about baggy britches. Can we enforce anything?” Childs asked.
The county attorney said that some jurisdictions around the nation, primarily more urban areas, had been successful in adopting enforceable legislation to combat the baggy britches.
District 2 Commissioner Billy Poitevint noted that the city of Donalsonville had adopted an ordinance and was enforcing it.
Cauley acknowledged the Donalsonville ordinance and noted it was a city ordinance.
Chairman Charles Norton supports doing whatever possible to prohibit sagging britches, but only if it is enforceable.
The commission chairman suggested that the county and city come together with similar ordinances.
Cauley agreed to prepare a proposed ordinance and bring it back to the board at a later date.

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