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Property owner wants county’s dumpsters moved

The new owner of a trailer park in east Grady County has put the Grady County commission on notice that he wants the county’s ten dumpsters removed from his property as soon as possible.
Grady County Administrator Rusty Moye said he received the verbal request just prior to Tuesday night’s board of commissioners meeting.
“It’s a big site for us. I’ve requested the request be put in writing and told the new owner the board would take it up at its next meeting,” Moye said.
In the meantime county officials will be working to identify a new location for a dumpsite.
“They’ve been there a long, long time. I can tell you why he doesn’t want them there. They are being abused like the rest of them and stuff is all over the ground and the wind blows it all over the place,” Moye added.
Chairman Charles Norton said the dumpsters would either have to be moved to Pine Park Road or on Singletary Road to accommodate the large community of residents in the Pine Park area of eastern Grady County.
“We may have to enlarge the Singletary Road dump site. It is already over run and I’ve had requests for more dumpsters out there,” Chairman Norton said.
The county administrator requested suggestions for a new site from the board members, but noted that residents on Pine Park Road did not want any more dumpsters located there.
Previous discussions to consolidate the county’s approximately 40 dump sites into a more manageable number have ended with a failure to reach a consensus.
Moye said that Road Superintendent Yancey Maxwell would be looking for possible sites over the next two weeks.
The dump site to be closed is located at the former Stringer trailer park located off U.S. 84 East.
“It’s on private property so we really have no choice but to move them, but that is a large community out there,” Chairman Norton stated.

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