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County holds line on spending

Grady County’s auditor presented a report on the county’s 2010 financial audit and the results were pleasing to county commissioners.
Auditor Tom Carmichael of the firm Bowen Phillips, LLP, appeared before the board Tuesday to present the audit report, which will be transmitted to the Georgia Department of Revenue.
Carmichael’s report indicates the county ended 2010 with a surplus of $243,000 , even though budgeted revenues fell below actual revenues by $122,000. The county was able to make up the shortfall by spending $365,000 less than planned in the 2010 operating budget.
“Compared to other local governments who are our clients, you should be very happy with this report and ending the year with a surplus,” Carmichael said.
The auditor praised County Administrator Rusty Moye, Finance Officer Mary Mayer, and the county commission staff for their assistance in completing the audit.
Commenting on the lower than anticipated expenditures, Carmichael said, “This shows me that the budget is being closely monitored and watched through the year.”
Total revenues received in 2010 were $10,961,000, compared to $11,083,000 budgeted. Total expenditures for the year totaled $10,718,000 compared to a budgeted figure of $11,083,000.
The county ended the year with $11.61 million in fund balance, but Carmichael points out that figure can be misleading.
“You operate on a calendar year fiscal year so at December 31 all of the taxes you have collected are just sitting there. Later in the year, that figure would be significantly lower. That $11 million carries you for the whole year,” the auditor explained.
“It looks real good. It could be considerably less,” Vice Chairman Elwyn Childs commented. Childs presided Tuesday in the absence of Chairman Charles Norton.

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