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County workers better buckle up, or else

Employees of Grady County traveling in county-owned vehicles or in their personal vehicles while on county business better buckle up or face a penalty.
Although Georgia law requires all motorists to fasten safety belts when operating motorized vehicles, Grady County commissioners took it another level this week by adopting a seat belt policy that has teeth in it.
Grady County Administrator Rusty Moye acknowledge that state law already requires motorists to buckle up, but he said the county’s insurance carrier is highly recommending the county adopt its own policy.
Under the new policy approved Tuesday night, all county employees that are drivers or passengers riding in a vehicle owned by Grady County or in a privately owned vehicle used in conducting county business are required to properly wear installed seat belts.
The policy also covers any machinery or equipment outfitted with seat belts.
Exceptions include: tractors/equipment without Roll-Over Protection Systems; specialized construction equipment; prisoners/suspects of law enforcement officers being transported for short distances; or other exceptions approved by the county administrator.
Failure to comply on a first offense results in a written warning. On a second offense, the offender will be suspended for three days without pay. The third offense results in loss of driving privileges or the termination of auto allowances for eligible employees. The board voted unanimously to adopt the new policy.

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