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Grady County school official is elected district president

GRADY COUNTY SCHOOL NUTRITION DIRECTOR Rhonda Keve was recently elected Georgia School Nutrition Association (GSNA) District 2 president.

Grady County School Nutrition Director Rhonda Keve will serve as Georgia School Nutrition Association (GSNA) District 2 president for the 2011-12 school year. This is the second time Keve has been elected president by her southwest GSNA peers for the southwest Georgia district, which is composed of 22 counties.
In her role as president, Keve will plan and preside at two yearly district meetings, attend executive committee meetings for the Georgia School Nutrition Association and will be in charge of the district meeting at next year’s annual conference.
The Grady County School Nutrition program was recognized for its high breakfast and lunch participation at the 56th Annual Georgia School Nutrition Conference in Savannah, Ga., last week.
Keve and her staff received awards for consistently high breakfast (50% or above) and lunch participation (90% or above). Schools recognized for high breakfast participation were: Eastside, 66.5%; Northside, 83.1%; Southside, 60.1%; and Shiver, 60.7%. Washington Middle School was the only school recognized for high lunch participation, with 91.5 percent of its students participating. Whigham School was also recognized for increasing its breakfast participation by 3 percent.
Keve and Grady County nutrition staff members Becky Carroll, bookkeeper, and Mallory Flowers, office assistant, attended several informative sessions including “Demystifying the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010,” which they say helped to clarify some of the regulations required by the new law.
“At the conference we were also able to visit exhibits which included vendors and manufacturers for food, equipment, paper and chemicals that are used in the program. This gave us an opportunity to be updated on the latest items available,” Keve said.

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