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Basketball court can be named for Edwards

TERESA EDWARDS is a five time Olympian and the most decorated woman’s basketball player in history.

After being left on the table for consideration for 60 days, a new policy was adopted by the Grady County Board of Education that opens the door for the naming of the basketball court inside the Cairo High School Gymnasium in honor of five time Olympian and Cairo Syrupmaid standout Teresa Edwards.
The revised policy allows for athletic facilities named after or dedicated to a person “who has received international competitive awards for athletic performance, such as Olympic medals, and has been named a top athlete in a given century by a nationally recognized authority on sport, and who is an exemplary individual of local state, or national importance, and with the consent of the majority of the board.”
According to Superintendent Dr. Tommy Pharis, there is a push within the community to name the basketball court in honor of Ms. Edwards and the newly revised policy can make that become a reality.
“We do not have a written request in hand, but I have discussed it with members of the community who strongly endorse it. The ball is in their court now,” Dr. Pharis said.
Board members voted unanimously to adopt the revised policy. Board member Teresa Gee Harris was absent Tuesday night, but according to Pharis, also supports the new policy.

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