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Census results may force changes to local districts

With the much anticipated release of the local population figures according to the 2010 U.S. Census, Grady County Commissioners are preparing to adjust district lines within the county should a population shift require revisions.
The county is divided into five districts based on population. Should certain areas of the county evidence significant growth a shifting of the boundaries of the respective districts could be necessary.
The same is true for the Grady County Board of Education and the Cairo City Council.
The Georgia General Assembly has created a Legislative and Congressional Reapportionment Office that will oversee the redistricting process.
Grady County Administrator Rusty Moye outlined for commissioners Tuesday night some communication he has had with Jimmy McDonald, the executive director of the Legislative and Congressional Reapportionment Office.
“Things are going to be done a little differently than in the past,” Moye told commissioners.
Under the new procedures, Moye will have to request a member of the county’s legislative delegation contact the reapportionment office, on behalf of the county, to request services.
Moye says the release of the local results are expected on April 1 and the reapportionment office will begin accepting requests from counties and other local projects that have been signed off on by a member of the legislative delegation.
The county administrator noted that commissioners can draw district lines as they choose, but reminded them the districts must be approved by the U.S. Department of Justice.

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