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City looking at stuffing chickens to cut down on fowl noise

A Cairo lady’s complaint about noisy chickens owned by her next door neighbor has prompted the city council to begin the process of reviewing existing ordinances and possible new regulations to combat such fowl issues.
Lisa Council, of 220 12th Ave. S.W., says that every morning at about 4:15 her household is awaken by her noisy neighbors.
“In an agricultural area it is fine, but I don’t want them right next door in a residential neighborhood,” Ms. Council said Monday night.
Cairo City Manager Chris Addleton says that Building Official Brian Hayes has investigated the complaint and found that the chicken house is located right on the property line and is in violation of the city code which requires it to be ten feet off of the property line.
Addleton admitted even at that distance the noise from the chickens would be a nuisance.
“We’ve got chickens all over town. Personally, I think roosters are the problem in this case. I wouldn’t want to be awakened either,” Addleton said.
Councilman Ernest Cloud Jr. said that odor from the chicken house would also likely become an issue.
Mayor Richard VanLandingham suggested the city manager and building officials examine the existing ordinances and bring back recommendations where it made sense to make changes or add to the city code of ordinances.
“Are we talking about getting rid of roosters or chickens? Or, are we talking about loud noises?” the city manager asked.
City Attorney Thomas L. Lehman asked Ms. Council how many chickens were being housed in her neighbor’s chicken house. She told city leaders she was not certain but estimated there to be approximately six as well as some rabbits too. She also was not sure if all of the fowl were roosters or not.
City Manager Addleton said if the city was looking at prohibiting loud noises created by such animals as dogs or roosters the council would be opening up a “can of worms.”
“Its definitely something we need to look at,” Councilman James H. (Jimmy) Douglas said.
Mayor VanLandingham urged the members of the council to make contact with residents of their districts to determine the ramifications of outlawing roosters within the corporate limits.
Addleton says he plans to bring back a recommendation addressing roosters only, but if the council wishes to expand it he will be open to suggestions.

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