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School board adopts new calendar

The new 2011-2012 school calendar was unanimously adopted by the Grady County Board of Education Tuesday night and it looks very much like the current school calendar.
“This calendar is constructed basically along the format of this year’s calendar. It seems to have worked well for most of us,” Superintendent Dr. Tommy Pharis told board members this week.
The new calendar still calls for five less work days for school personnel at 185, which is down from the traditional 190. However, the system is preserving the 180 days of instructional time.
Dr. Pharis pointed out that the new calendar maintains the week-long Thanksgiving break and adjusts slightly the abbreviated fall break.
According to Pharis, the feedback he received on the current calendar was a desire to put the two days of fall break into the same week so he is proposing a Monday and Tuesday fall break rather than a Friday and Monday.
“I think most of our personnel will be satisfied with this calendar. However, if we see we need to make a change later on we can,” Dr. Pharis said.
Based on the calendar approved Tuesday night, school will begin for students on Friday, August 5 and the last day of school will fall on Friday, May 18.

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