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Airport Committee to be formed

The Cairo City Council Thursday night approved the groundwork for the formation of a new Cairo-Grady County Airport Committee.
Members of the local airport community recently approached the city council about creating a committee that would allow users of the airport to have a voice in its operations and future airport improvements.
During Thursday night’s rescheduled city council meeting, City Manager Chris Addleton presented a revised set of bylaws to council and recommended approval of them.
Under the city manager’s changes, all five members of the committee will be appointed by the city council and he suggested removing constraints on the number of terms a committee member can serve. Addleton opposed a constraint on service saying, “I’m not sure that’s something you want.”
Councilman James H. (Jimmy) Douglas questioned what the process for appointing members to the committee would be. He said he is not acquainted with most of the individuals mentioned as potential committee members.
“I would like to see where these folks live and what their occupations are, as well as their relationship to the airport,” Douglas said.
Addleton said he would present a slate of committee members to the council at its next meeting for council’s approval. He agreed with Douglas that information on each candidate would be provided so the councilmen could make sure a cross section of airport users is represented on the new committee.
Lawrence West, a member of the local airport community, previously presented some suggested bylaws that were based on the bylaws of a similar committee in Donalsonville.
The group has also given the city manager some names of citizens interested in participating on the committee.
The committee organizers are interested in seeing that airport operations be enhanced and the airport managed in such a way that general aviation, commercial aviation and economic development are promoted.

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