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Homeless count gets underway on Monday

The local initiative to accurately count those in the community who are homeless kicks off Monday and will run through Jan. 31.
Residents who do not have a home of their own are encouraged to take the 10 question survey, which officials say will take less than 10 minutes to complete.
If you are sleeping in a car; camping; living in an abandoned building or unsafe housing; living with family or friends; or facing imminent eviction with no place to go; you are encouraged to be included in the 2011 Homeless Count.
Beginning this Saturday, local volunteers will begin placing random phone calls to inform residents of the upcoming count.
Officials are also seeking donations of hygiene products, blankets, coats, clothing , shoes, canned or boxes food, etc.
The donations collected are being assembled in care packages that can be given to those participating in the survey.
The sites where the homeless may go to fill out the survey will be the Grady Room of Roddenbery Memorial Library, Cairo City Hall, Cairo Fire Department, Friendship House of Prayer, Neighborhood Service Center, Grady County Help Agency, Whigham First United Methodist Church and Calvary United Methodist Church.
The 2011 Homeless Count is being conducted at the same time in the southwest Georgia region. Officials are hoping to obtain an accurate accounting of homeless residents. A more accurate count will put Grady County in a better position for grant assistance and other aid programs.
For more information about the Homeless Count, call 229-377-1722, ext. 3002.

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