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Tax dollars pour in on final day

What a difference a week makes!
As The Messenger went to press last week collections of ad valorem taxes through Tuesday were only 38 percent or $4,945,121.00, but through Monday, which was the due date, that figure stood at 79.5 percent and $10,469,094.51 collected.
Grady County Tax Commissioner Phyllis Gainous said that collections had steadily grown each day last week with $1.5 million coming in on Friday and another $1.8 million on Monday of this week.
According to the tax commissioner, even more money is expected to arrive in the mail tomorrow carrying a Dec. 20 postmark.
“My girls have really been busy. They have worked hard, and I am pleased with where we are on collections,” Mrs. Gainous said.
For the very first time the county tax commissioner collected municipal taxes for the city of Cairo.
Gainous said the additional collections caused no additional work for her staff and she has been disbursing the money to the city, school board and state almost as fast as the money is collected.
If you have questions about your taxes or need more information, call the tax commissioner’s office at 229-377-3322.

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